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The influence of clouds, trees, dirt, on the solar cell panel and the rotation of the sun causes problematic fluctuations in the amount power generation.

The typical output current and output voltage characteristics for solar cell panels are shown in Figure 1. An interesting trend emerges in that regardless of the lighting conditions for a given panel, the maximum output power will be delivered when the output voltage is at a relatively constant voltage, VMPP.

The I-V curves shown in Figure 1 demonstrate this property by using successively increasing loads under constant illumination conditions that were quickly simulated by facing the panel at various angles to the sun.



The data in Figure 2 was gathered within a minute period with the panel aimed directly at the sun under clear skies.As indicated by the graph, an uncontrolled load could cause the net output power to vary anywhere from under 2 Watts to 47 Watts in direct sunlight.

If it were possible to maintain the output voltage of the panel constant at approximately 13V, we could be assured that the maximum amount of power is available to the load.


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